My Story
Dr. Svetlana Megley Hill, PLLC proudly stands with Ukraine!

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I am Dr. Svetlana Megley Hill, MD; I have 3 beautiful, and troublesome at times, boys: Vitali (17), Vladimir (8), and Dimitri (6). 

​I love my family, we love our patients, and I love what I do! Nothing brings me more joy than to see smiles on the faces of those I treat, a sweet thank you card, or running into a patient at a restaurant or grocery store who stops to say hello and thank us for taking care of them and their family. 

I look forward to providing the best, high-quality care in keeping with our high standards for you and your loved ones.

To our Patient Family:

I am very excited about our new Telemedicine Clinic, "Dr. Svetlana Megley Hill, PLLC" is now open! 

Most of my visits for patients that have been seen within last 12 months (with the exception of mental health patients) will be conducted through telemedicine visits and switched to video appointments as needed. Prior to any telemedicine visit, a "Telemedicine consent" form should be completed, signed and returned.

Procedures and more complicated visits will be conducted at our office location.  

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Svetlana Megley Hill, MD